Koi Koi is a content creation company based in Scottsdale, AZ. We partner with brands and people we believe in and market them with podcast, social media, photography, and video. We like to call our relationship with clients “Harmony of Two”. We do our best work on challenges that demand the utmost attention and taste. We invite companies of all sizes, categories, and walks of life.

After many years of podcasting, social media, photography, and video we founded Koi Koi in 2020. We saw an opportunity to take all we’d learned from our time spent with Cilmera, Brothers, Pool Chasers, Harley Davidson of Scottsdale, GOAZ, and JMax to build our own special place.

Greg Villafana and Justin Bowie chose each other as business partners. Two people representing our complimentary disciplines. Creative marketing content and business management. The combination of skills and tested chemistry is what will ultimately move your brand and business forward.